105th Science Congress concludes with call to help young scientists

The 105th Indian Science Congress, inaugurated by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi came to a close 20 march 2018. As part of 20 March 2018 valedictory function held at the Manipur University, awards especially for encouragement of young scientist ‘Young Scientist Awards 2017-18′ to 14 awardees, ‘Best Poster Award’ to 20 awardees, ‘Best Science Model’ to five awardees and ‘Pride of Indian Exhibition Awards’ were distributed to the awardees from across the country. The awards include one Certificate and one Memento each.

Manipur University hosted the 105th Indian Science Congress and the theme was “Reaching the unreached through Science and Technology”. The 106th Indian Science Congress will be held at Barkatullah University, Bhopal in January 2019. India is becoming one of the world’s powerhouses for scientific research. The country has seen steady increases in Government spending on research and development and has a critical mass of well-educated professionals and a vast pool of scientists and technologists.

The long-standing question of whether India will ever emerge on the world stage has largely been answered. But whether that future will be inclusive of all its citizens remains an open question, she further said. She said, Manipur is rich in bio-diversity, within the top ten hotspots in the world with a wealth of flora and fauna. New species are being discovered day after day and most recently also there have been reports of finding new varieties of fishes and orchids.

A major source of revenue for the state is handloom and handicraft. Manipur has the highest number of handicrafts units as well as the highest number of craft persons comprising skilled and semi-skilled artisans in the entire North Eastern Region The scientific temperament should be sustained and there should be continuity in their quest to better the condition of the people.

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