3rd meeting of G-20 FWG to be held at Varanasi

The 3rd G-20 Framework Working Group (FWG) meeting under the G-20 German presidency is to be held in Varanasi on 28th and 29th of March.It is co-hosted by department of Economic Affairs, and Reserve Bank of India (RBI).The first two G 20 FWG meetings under the G-20 German presidency have already been held at Berlin in Dec 16 and at Riyadh in Feb 17.Since the inception of the FWG in 2009, this is the fourth occasion that India is hosting this meeting. Previously, India had hosted the G-20 FWG Meetings in Neemrana, Rajasthan (2012 under Mexican Presidency), in Goa (in 2014 under G-20 Australian Presidency) and in Kerala (2015 under G-20 Turkish Presidency).In the forthcoming meeting in Varanasi, the G-20 FWG will discuss the current global economic situation as well as deliberate on the policy options that countries can pursue to counter the important development challenges. One important focus of this meeting will be to deliberate on the inclusive growth agenda of G-20 and to formulate a framework that will enable countries to help frame country specific inclusive growth policies.The G-20 is the group of 19 countries and European Union (EU) deliberating on global economic issues and other important development challenges. G-20 Framework Working Group (FWG) is one of the core working groups of G-20.

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