Aadiperukku festival celebrated

The Aadiperukku festival was celebrated with religious fervour in the towns of Mettur, Poolampatti etc situated on the banks of River Cauvery on 03 August 2017. A large number of devotees from different parts of western districts converged in Mettur town even before the break of dawn. They visited the banks of River Cauvery in the town and surrounding areas and performed special pujas by offering betel leaves, and bananas after lighting the camphor.

The newly-wed offered marriage garlands to the Mother Cauvery indicating the hope that will be blessed with a long and happy married life. The celebrations aimed at invoking the blessings of Mother Cauvery and the Sun God for showering prosperity through bumper harvest and copious rainfall.

There is a belief that young girls who participates in the pujas in river banks offering rice and jaggery will be blessed with good husbands and happy and peaceful life. In connection with the Aadiperukku festival, the police had made elaborate security arrangements in the river banks. The fire and rescue services personnel were present in good strength at all the centres. The official machinery had erected temporary dress changing rooms, toilets and created drinking water and lighting facilities. The devotees also visited the dam park at Mettur.

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