Amitabh Bachchan launches Book on Indian Cinema

Amitabh on 02 November 2017 launched ‘Bollywood The Films! The Songs! The Stars!’, a book by S.M.M. Ausaja, Karan Bali, Rajesh Devraj and Tanul Thakur. It is a comprehensive illustrated guide and coffee table book, a tribute to India’s tinsel town, filled with trivia and facts about some of the most beloved actors, films and songs.

In the future, if there’s Ausaja or anyone else connected to documenting our history or talking about it, I would be the first person to come forward and extend my help and cooperation. I feel very proud that Ausaja has entrusted me to write a forward and this is what I’ve exactly expressed in the book.

All those connected in the release of this book, I am not going to take the name because I don’t like this word. I have expressed that in the forward. Ausaja has been a journalist by profession but has been someone who is passionately interested in filmography. I have always had great admiration for him because there are very few amongst us, unfortunately, that have never taken up the idea or the thought of documenting the Indian film industry.

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