Amul Thapar becomes second Indian-American judge of US Court of Appeals

Amul Thapar became Thursday only the second Indian-American judge of an appeals court with the United States senate confirming his appointment to the Cincinnati-based Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.Thapar was confirmed by a 52-44 vote.With this, he becomes the second Indian-American judge to be on a US Circuit Court of Appeals, which hears appeals from Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Michigan.Sri Srinivasan, who was appointed to the DC circuit court of appeals by President Barak Obama and confirmed in 2013, is the first Indian-American ever to be named as a judge to the American counterpart of India’s high courts.Thapar has a reputation as a qualified judge with an impressive legal mind and will fairly apply the law to all who enter his courtroom.Thapar has been recognised for his work on the bench, and the most recent edition of the Almanac of the Federal Judiciary quoted attorneys who agreed that Thapar has excellent legal ability.During that period, Thapar was appointed to the attorney general’s advisory committee and chaired the AGAC’s Controlled Substances and Asset Forfeiture subcommittee. He also served on the Terrorism and National Security subcommittee, the Violent Crime subcommittee, and Child Exploitation working group.He has also taught at the University of Virginia School of Law,Thapar received his undergraduate degree from Boston College and his law degree from the University of California,

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