Anti Terrorism Day: 21 May

The Anti Terrorism Day is observed on 21 May every year in our country to make the people aware of anti-social act of terrorism and its impact on human suffering and lives. In fact we can’t deny the fact that the whole world including India is facing terrorism on a wide scale.

It is necessary to propagate the message of humanity and peace. Indian Government has taken the step by celebrating Anti-Terrorism every year to highlight the importance of fighting with the activities of terrorism. Every day we come to know about one terrorist act or another via newspaper or TV. Basically the terrorists want to create fear in the minds of the common people. Without any remorse they kill thousands of people because they don’t have any conscience.

The official announcement of National Anti Terrorism Day was made after the assassination of India’s seventh Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on 21 May, 1991. He was killed in Tamil Nadu in a campaign by the terrorist. Then, under V.P. Singh government the centre has decided to observe 21st May as Anti Terrorism Day. From then it is celebrated in the country. Also, on this day Anti Terrorism pledge will be taken in all the government offices, public sector undertakings and other public institutions etc.

Mentioned above objectives are achieved by organising debates or discussions in schools, colleges and universities on the dangers of terrorism and violence. Paying respect to the deceased Prime Minister by special marches and people gather to pay their respect to Rajiv Gandhi. In several schools, colleges, government and private offices, people bow their heads and maintain silence for two minutes. Central Government and the State Government organise rallies and parades to ensure people about the effects of terrorism. Mass education programs are held to highlight the ill effects of terrorism and its aftermath.

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