Architect of Germany’s re-unification, Helmut Kohl passes away

Helmut Kohl, former German Chancellor who presided over both German reunification and the creation of the eurozone passed away on 16 June 2016. He was 87. Kohl passed away at his house in Ludwigshafen, in the western state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. He was a West German politician who served as chancellor of West Germany and later as the chancellor of a unified Germany from 1982 to 1998. He was one of the main drivers of the unification of Germany and the Maastricht Treaty for European unity. European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has ordered flags at EU institutions to be flown at half-mast to pay homage to the late political stalwart. Speaking on her mentor, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Kohl was the right man at the right time, who seized a historic chance to overcome the divide running through Europe.

East and West Germany were separated post World War II. After Soviet Union relinquished control of Eastern Europe, Helmunt Kohl worked towards unifying East and West Germany by giving constant assurances to the Western leaders that a united Germany posed no threat. He was also the driving force behind the introduction of the euro currency in the Germany at a time when Germans were sceptical to give up their cherished deutschemark.

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