Australian scientists discover faceless fish in unexplored abyss

A team of Australian scientists in May 2017 discovered a faceless fish and other weird and wonderful creatures in the deep waters of Australia during their scientific journey to the parts of the ocean never explored before.The search area was the most unexplored environment on earth.

Scientists are towing small nets and an underwater camera deep inside the eastern abyss, which reaches depths up to four kilometres.However, the crew caught a very unusual “faceless fish” off Jervis Bay last weekend at a depth of 4,000 metres.
They came across an unusual faceless fish, which has only been recorded once before by the pioneering scientific crew of HMS Challenger off Papua New Guinea in 1873. It hasn’t got any eyes or a visible nose and its mouth is underneath.

Another discovery was of carnivorous sponges that have lethal spicules made of silicon, effectively glass. They get small crustaceans hooked on their Velcro-like spines to be slowly digested in-situ. This technique differs from most deep-sea sponges which feed on bacteria.This is the first time the eastern abyss has been surveyed, providing an opportunity for scientists to collect baseline data about its biodiversity.Chief scientist on board the Investigator, Tim O’Hara said that the search area was the most unexplored environment on the Earth.

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