Axis Bank first to introduce iris authentication for Aadhaar-based transactions

Axis Bank became the first bank in the country to introduce Iris Scan Authentication feature for Aadhaar-based transactions through its micro ATM tablets. These micro ATM tablets are Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) certified and UIDAI compliant registered devices with completely integrated iris sensors.

The transaction process through the iris scan is very simple. Customer needs to select desired service (funds transfer, cash withdrawal) and feed-in their Aadhaar numbers in micro-ATM. Next, they have to choose IRIS as the desired mode of authentication. Verification will be done by scanning eyes of customers through tablet’s iris sensor camera in 3-5 seconds. The transaction will be completed after biometric details are verified from the UIDAI database.

Axis Bank is presently running the pilot program of iris-based Aadhaar authentication for its customers at eight branches in the rural segment largely covering areas of Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. It is also exploring its application for varied services such as loan processing, insurance, eKYC account opening and others, most likely extending to the semi-urban and urban regions as well.

Iris scan technology is completely contactless and provides up to 98.2% authentication success rate and offers the edge over other prevalent biometric modes. It will help to boost bank’s financial inclusion efforts by making Aadhaar authentication process hassle-free and offering easier access to digital banking for consumers especially in rural parts of the country. Micro ATMs completely eliminate the requirement of debit cards, passwords, PINs, and user IDs, and empower consumers to avail banking services using only their Aadhaar numbers and biometrics (iris scan or fingerprint scan).

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