BBC’s ‘Women Who Changed The World’ List: Marie Curie Tops, Mother Teresa 20th

Pioneering physicist and chemist Marie Curie has been named the most influential woman in history in a list of 100 female trailblazers. The list was compiled by BBC History magazine after the publication conducted a poll among its readers.

Civil rights activist Rosa Parks came second in the list of 100 women who’ve changed the world, with other entrants including writer Mary Wollstonecraft, Celtic queen Boudica and Diana, Princess of Wales. Among Curie’s many achievements, she became the first person to win two Nobel prizes, coined the term radioactivity and discovered two elements, polonium and radium.

Curie was nominated by Patricia Fara, president of the British Society for the History of Science. She was the first woman to win a Nobel prize in physics, first female professor at the University of Paris, and the first person – note the use of person there, not woman – to win a second Nobel prize.

Here are the top 20 entries from BBC History magazine’s ‘100 women who changed the world':-
1. Marie Curie
2. Rosa Parks
3. Emmeline Pankhurst
4. Ada Lovelace
5. Rosalind Franklin
6. Margaret Thatcher
7. Angela Burdett-Coutts
8. Mary Wollstonecraft
9. Florence Nightingale
10. Marie Stopes
11. Eleanor of Aquitaine
12. The Virgin Mary
13. Jane Austen
14. Boudicca
15. Diana, Princess of Wales
16. Amelia Earhart
17. Queen Victoria
18. Josephine Butler
19. Mary Seacole
20. Mother Teresa

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