Bengaluru becomes the first Indian city to have its own logo

Facing criticism for its frothing lakes and potholes on roads, the Karnataka government on 24 December 2017 launched the Bengaluru city logo, the first Indian city to do so, in a bid to resurrect its image as a tourism destination. With this, it joins cities like Amsterdam in The Netherlands and New York in the US to have its own logo.

The government wanted to bring the city on par with Amsterdam and New York as a brand to attract tourists and showcase its cosmopolitan nature. This was highlighted in the logo, where ‘Be’ and ‘U’ in Bengaluru are highlighted in red. “This represents the welcoming character of the city, where people of all identities will be respected.

Nammur’s Vinod Kumar said the challenge in the design was to incorporate the city’s rich cultural heritage and yet show how it is changing. It is for this reason that some of the English letters have been designed to look similar to characters in the Kannada script.

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