Bengaluru to have India’s first heli-taxi service

The Kempegowda International Airport will become the first airport in the country to have a helicopter-taxi (heli-taxi) service for those who cannot afford to spend time battling traffic to travel across the city. Announced on 04 August, the service, which will be operated by Thumby Aviation Private Limited, is expected to take off within three months. Initially, services will be operated between KIA and Electronics City, where a heliport is expected to come up. Estimates by the company peg the travel time at around 15 minutes, a journey that takes a few hours by road otherwise.

We hope that Bengaluru will lead the way for other cities to adopt such services. In Sao Paulo, Brazil, a city similar in size to Bengaluru, there are 300 helicopters operating as heli-taxis. Travel will be seamless and there will be no need to fight traffic. My appeal to the operators is to fix the price in a way to make it competitive with air-conditioned road taxis.

Group Captain (Retd) KNG Nair, Chief Managing Director of Thumby Aviation, said that initially operations would be launched with one Bell 407 chopper that could seat 6 passengers. “We will look at ferrying passengers to Whitefield and to the HAL airport as well in the future. Speaking at the launch, Karnataka Minister for Industries and Commerce R.V Deshpande said that the services could also be used to ferry patients in need of urgent medical care. “The city has around 90 helipads in multi-storeyed buildings which must be made operational. We will work towards achieving this as soon as possible.”

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