Brahmos test fired from Sukhoi fighter jet for first time

BrahMos, the world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile, has been successfully tested for the first time from a Sukhoi-30MKI fighter of the Indian Air Force (IAF), the defence ministry confirmed 22 November 2017. BrahMos is now capable of being launched from land, sea and air, completing the tactical cruise missile triad for India. Earlier, BrahMos could only be fired from ships or ground-based launchers.

As the anti-ship missile was gravity-dropped from the Sukhoi-30MKI or Su-30 from fuselage, the two-stage missile’s engine fired up and propelled towards the intended target at the sea in Bay of Bengal.

The missile, weighing 2.5 tonnes, is the heaviest weapon to be deployed on India’s Su-30 fighter aircraft modified to carry weapons. BrahMos is named after the rivers Moscow and Brahmaputra; the world’s only supersonic cruise missile was built as an India-Russia collaboration.

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