BSNL Launches VOIP Based WINGS Service

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) has launched BSNL WINGS a VOIP based service. In WINGS, there is no SIM or cable wiring as is a VOIP service through an app. The WINGS service offers unlimited free audio/video calling for one year. The service can be activated with a one-time fee of Rs. 1,099 (Rs 1,297 with GST).

Calls can be made using any data connection such as wired broadband, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network of any operator. WINGS can also be used over Internet Leased Lines. WINGS also supports video calls but is restricted between WINGS. The facility can be used anywhere within the country and the app automatically uses the existing address book on the phone.

Unlike other app-based VOIP services such as WhatsApp and Telegram calls, the WINGS app can make calls to any phone number – free of cost. As there is no physical SIM, the number can be used as the second number in phones without provision for second SIM. It can even be a third number of dual-SIM phones.

One more advantage is that the app can be installed in devices like tablets that don’t have provision for SIM cards. The device has to connect to a data network for the calls to work. Your laptop could become a phone with a BSNL number. The only condition is that it must be connected to the internet.

Key Highlights:-
1. No SIM needed.
2. Option to select number.
3. VOIP service uses data.
4. Can be installed in multiple devices.
5. Devices without provision for SIM can be used to make and receive calls.
6. Unlike WhatsApp or Telegram, calls from WINGS can be made to any number.

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