Centre bans artificial lights in mechanised fishing vessels

The Centre has banned use of LED lights and other artificial lights on mechanised fishing vessels in order to protect the marine ecology. The government has also prohibited the practice of bull- trawling, purse seining and gill netting operations in the Indian exclusive economic zone (EEZ) beyond territorial waters.

The decision was taken after coastal states including Goa made a representation to the Centre to prohibit these activities to save the marine ecology. Highlighting other measures taken to boost the fishery sector. The scheme ‘Blue Revolution’ with an outlay of Rs 300 crore is being implemented for the integrated development of the fishery sector and achieve fish output of 15 million tonnes by 2020 from the current 11.41 million tonnes.

Fishing ban has been exempted during monsoon period to traditional fishermen in the area of EEZ beyond 12 nautical miles which is regulated by the government. The vast aquatic resources present in the country provide more opportunities and potential for further development in fisheries sector. This scheme will contribute significantly to achieving the targets of doubling the income of farmers and fishermen by 2022.

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