Centre launches ‘Rail MADAD’, ‘Menu on Rails’ mobile apps

The Ministry of Railways on 11 June 2018 launched two mobile applications to ease the travelling experience. The two apps, ‘Rail MADAD’ and ‘Menu on Rails’, were launched by Railway Minister Piyush Goyal and Minister of State (MoS) Manoj Sinha during a press conference organised to highlight the achievements of the Ministry in the last four years.

While Rail MADAD will enable travellers to lodge complaints, Menu on Rails will facilitate seamless ordering of food. The theme for development this year is to improve connectivity for the poor, in line with Mahatma Gandhi’s ideologies. We have been working towards development with the right intention, which has yielded significant results for us. Our focus has been on improving safety, avoiding rail accidents, installation of CCTV on all coaches and clearing our backlog.

Goyal further noted that the government has saved around Rs.11, 000 -Rs.13, 000 crores through electrification, adding that 30,000 km of electrification has been done by March 1 this year. Punctuality in the short term has been impacted as a result of prioritising infrastructure and safety works. But in the long term, this would enable faster and safer train movement, with a greater focus on digital initiatives, transparency and accountability.

Coal production, which was 462 million tonnes in 2013-14, has increased to 567 million tonnes in 2017-18, and in the current year, it is growing at 15 percent. In the past four years, the coal sector has also boomed, and its imports also decreased. We are trying to encourage coal plants which are based on imported coal to redesign their capacities so that they can use more domestic coal. We also met Power Minister RK Singh; we will ensure an adequate supply of power to plants

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