Centre launches Study in India to attract more foreign students

India has launched the Study in India programme to draw more foreign students in about 160 premier universities and institutions across the country, including IITs and IIMs, with 15,000 seats in the 2018-19 academic year. The quest for knowledge has always been fundamental to India’s culture and civilisation. We can rightly say that India is one of the very few places in the world where ancient traditions and modernity coexist in harmony.

India has been home to knowledge seekers from ancient times when scholars used to visit universities such as Nalanda and Takshila. Minister of state for human resource development Satyapal Singh and diplomats from 30 countries were also present during the launch.

Study in India has a sanctioned budget of Rs 150 crore for two years and will promote India as a top destination for higher education and funnel demand in the direction of the supernumerary seats. The government will initially target 30 friendly countries, including Nepal, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Kuwait, Iran, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Rwanda, among others.

A senior HRD ministry official said 55% of the 15,000 seats are eligible for fee waivers. The number of fee waiver schemes that have been announced include a complete fee waiver to the top 25% meritorious aspirants, 50% fee waiver to the next 25% and 25% to the rest of foreign students.

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