Chandigarh Becomes North India’s 1st City to Install Digital Automatic Speed Gun Cameras

Chandigarh – The City Beautiful – has become the 1st city in North India to install Automatic Speed Gun Cameras with digital displays for traffic management, joining Kolkatta to install such system. The high-tech speed cameras are equipped with night vision technology and will record the speed of oncoming traffic, helping Chandigarh Police to issue challans to anyone driving above the city speed limits.

This is not the first time the Chandigarh administration has done something like this for safety. Chandigarh also happens to be among a few cities to accept driving on high-beam inside the city limits as a punishable offense. Not only this, the advanced cameras are installed with digital display to beware motorists of overspeeding. If the speed is above the permissible limit, the digital display will warn the driver with a white light. If, and when, a motorist breaks the law, a Challan will be sent to the driver along with the image of overspeeding.

Inspector Sarvan Singh, said cameras have night vision as well which will capture the image of the speeding vehicle in seconds and send that to the official concerned. If there is a violation of speed, then a challan will be sent to the violator with the image of vehicle. These cameras can click the image of the speeding vehicle even in heavy rain and dense fog. Cameras will also help the riders to see the speed of their vehicle. If the speed is above the permissible limit, then a white light will blink on the screen to alert the driver about the speed.”

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