Chandrayaan-2 mission launch most likely in Feb

Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) will most likely launch Chandrayaan-2, the country’s second mission to the Moon in the month of February.

Key Highlights:-

1. Chandrayaan-2 mission is a totally indigenous venture comprising of an orbiter, a lander and a rover.
2. The rover would then move around the landing site on the lunar surface in a semi-autonomous mode as decided by the ground commands.
3. There would be a controlled descent and the lander would soft-land on the lunar surface at a specified site and deploy a rover.
4. The payloads will collect scientific information on lunar topography, mineralogy, elemental abundance, lunar exosphere and signatures of hydroxyl and water-ice.
5. The rover will observe the lunar surface and send back the data. This data will be useful for analysis of the lunar soil.
6. The 3,290-kg Chandrayaan-2 will orbit the Moon and perform the objectives of remote sensing the moon.

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