China Starts World’s Biggest Floating Solar Project

China’s Three Gorges Group is building a 150-megawatt floating solar plant in the eastern part of country, the largest of its kind in the world. The one billion yuan ($151 million) solar power project in Huainan in Anhui province, developed by the new energy unit of state-run Three Gorges Group, is to be constructed in May next year.

The solar project is a new experiment aimed at cutting the cost of constructing and operating solar power plants. The Three Gorges project uses the water surface from a coal mining subsidence area and also involves the employment of many locals in both O&M and construction services.

China’s Sungrow Power Supply Co has earlier built the largest floating project of 40MW also in Anhui Province. Chinese firm CECEC is also constructing a 70MW projects in the same region of China.

Floating Solar Power Plant is gaining traction by many countries. Korean firm Hannah Group recently announced it had won a bid to construct a 100MW floating solar plant in South Korea to supply enough energy for 140,000 people. India has recently commissioned its largest floating solar power plant in Wayanad, Kerala.

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