China to fight pollution with world’s largest air purifier

As an experiment, China builds the world’s largest air purifier in an attempt to curb the air pollution. The 100-meter high tower is located in the city of Xian in Shaanxi province of northern China. The research is being led by the Institute of Earth Environment at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He also claimed that the tower was successful in reducing the smog on severely polluted days to moderate levels. Also, the results are only preliminary as the experiment is still going on. The team is likely to release more data in March with a full assessment of the overall performance of the facility.

Currently, the world’s largest air purifier is only an experimental downsized structure. The future version of the smog tower is expected to reach a height of 500 meters with an influential radius of 30 square kilometres. According to South China Morning Post, several people living in the city noticed the difference since the tower started running:-

1. A manager at a restaurant about 1 km northwest of the smog tower told that she had noticed an improvement in air quality this winter.
2. A student from Shaanxi Normal University also stated the same. According to her, the tower is very eye-catching and quiet. The sound of wind going in and out is not audible. Also, she claimed that the air quality did improve.

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