Chinese Navy launches biggest new generation destroyer

China’s Navy on 28 June 2017 launched its biggest new generation destroyer that weighs around 10,000 tonnes at the Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) in Shanghai. The launch is a part of the country’s massive expansion effort to become a global naval power.
The new destroyer, which is a domestically designed and produced vessel, is the first of China’s new generation of destroyers.
1. The destroyer is equipped with new air defence, anti-missile, anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons.
2. The ship is believed to be the first Type 055 destroyer, which is considered to be a successor class to the country’s smaller Type 052D guided missile destroyers.
3. The vessel will have to undergo planned testing including equipment operation, berthing and sailing before it is commissioned into use.
4. The ship is an addition to two aircraft carriers that China is in the process of deploying to compete with other naval powers liked the US and India, especially in the Indian Ocean.
5. The Chinese Navy is currently trying to form battle groups that accompany the aircraft carriers when they set out on missions far from shores.
6. The first aircraft carrier ‘Liaoning’ departed from Qingdao in east China on 25 June with a fleet of Chinese naval ships for a ‘routine training mission’.
7. The naval formation includes destroyers Jinan and Yinchuan, frigate Yantai and a squadron of J-15 fighter jets and helicopters.

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