Cisco Launched 5th Global And 1st In India Cyber Range Lab In Gurugram

Cisco’s new Cyber Range Lab to simulate real-world cyber-attacks and incidents and cyber-defence tactics.Deepening its commitment to enhance cybersecurity in India, Cisco India has lately announced the inauguration of its Cyber Range Lab in Gurgaon, India.The Cisco Cyber Range Lab aims to provide highly specialized technical training workshops to help security staff build the skills and experience necessary to combat new-age threats.As part of the Cyber Range experience, Cisco has designed real-world scenarios to help clients experience, defend against and shut down cyber-attacks.Dr. Gulshan Rai, National Cyber Security Coordinator, Government of India, inaugurated the Cyber Range Lab in the presence of Dinesh Malkani, President, Cisco India and SAARC at the Cisco India Summit 2017.Cisco Cyber Range will immerse people in simulated real-world cyber-attacks to train them on how to properly prepare for, respond to, and manage a broad variety of threats. This experience can be leveraged by companies, academicians, customers and government and their security teams.Cisco Cyber Range Lab will use 200-500 different types of malware, ransomware and 100 attack cases to deliver realistic cyber-attack experiences. The facility can be accessed virtually from any part of the world and will be a living lab of technical knowledge for network security and how to mitigate cyber-attacks.The scenarios will also help train organizations with the necessary steps required to respond quickly in the wake of an incident, right from addressing a basic threat to a highly sophisticated one, monitoring and analysing malware infections and providing actionable information and intelligence to customers.
The Cisco Cyber Range Lab brings together Cisco security experts and its partners to offer a comprehensive integrated services portfolio, which includes:
1.Cyber Range workshops of 3-5 days of intensive real-life experience reacting to and defending against rudimentary and complex cyber attacks at any location.
2.Cyber Range subscriptions, which offer advance threat intelligence reports and help simulate customers’ network environment in the lab to monitor for latest threats. As part of this lab, dedicated security experts will offer security consultancy services to customers.
3.Assistance in re-creating similar cyber range labs at customers’ premises and provide threat intelligence updates via subscription.
The lab will also enable customers to tap into a pool of resources such as security specialists and test engineers at Cisco. Cisco security experts will work closely with organisations to understand their business goals, and security challenges and offer test runs on proposed cybersecurity solution/infrastructure.
The launch of the Cyber Range Lab is part of cybersecurity initiatives announced by Cisco India during December 2016. In addition to the Cyber Range Lab, Cisco had launched a Security Operations Center (SOC) in Pune to provide a broad range of services, from monitoring and management to comprehensive threat solutions and hosted security that can be customized to meet customer/partner needs.

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