CNSA Destructed Tiangong 2, Experimental Space Station Over the Pacific

Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA), the Chinese space agency, destroyed Tiangong-2, CNSA’s 9-tonne experimental space station Tiangong-2.

CNSA destroyed the space station through a controlled re-entry to Earth which burned it up. Despite CNSA’s plan to burn it in the atmosphere, a small amount of the debris fell into a designated South Pacific Ocean security area.


Tiangong-2 was China’s second experimental station. It was planted into the orbit in 2016. The mission aimed at testing China’s orbital technologies. It had completed all of its experiments.

It was planned for two-year operational life by more than a year. Only one set of astronauts were hosted to the Station in October and November 2016. But several robotic missions have been hosted to the space station.

Tiangong-2 was orbiting Earth 16,209 times and spent more than 1,000 days in space. In April 2018, Tiangong-1 was destroyed in an uncontrolled re-entry.

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