COP CONNECT: Telangana Police launches app to support communication needs of police

Telangana Police has launched COP CONNECT’ mobile application to support the professional communication and collaboration needs of entire police department of the state. It has been developed based on Telangana State Police internal Communication strategy on lines of popular internet messaging application WhatsApp.

COP CONNECT app has all features of regular mobile messaging apps and is enabled for chatting, group chats, file sharing (image, audio, video and documents) and location sharing. Using it different types of groups can be created at state level, district and commissionerate levels, zonal level, sub-divisional level, circle level and police station level. It will help in connecting over 60,000 police forces across 31 districts in the state.

It will enable the entire police workforce of the state to pro-actively engage and pass real time information in seconds and also consult each other so that they are able to play an active role in delivery of uniform policing services across the state. It has end-to-end encryption with server being with Police Department to ensure absolute security and confidentiality of internal Police communication. It also has iMeeting feature which will help in creating and scheduling department meeting and setting reminders.

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