CRIS develops ‘utsonmobile’ app to enable cashless ticketing

The Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS) has developed a mobile-based application ‘utsonmobile’ to enable cashless ticketing. The initiative is another step towards digitalization and achieving a cashless economy.

Key Highlights:-

1. The mobile app will enable booking and cancellation of unreserved tickets, issue, and renewal of season and platform tickets and checking and loading of R-wallet balance.
2. It will also be handy, free and available for both Android and Windows smartphone.
3. It will also help maintain user profile management and booking history.
4. Paperless Ticket: With the help of the app, passengers would be able to travel without a hard copy of the ticket, as they could use the ‘show ticket’ option in the app to show their ticket to the checking staff.

Important Details:-

1. No advance ticket booking will be allowed on the app. The journey date will always have to be the current date.
2. The paperless tickets will not be allowed for cancellation.
3. The season ticket can be issued or renewed using the mobile app and will be valid from the next day of booking the ticket. GPS is not required for issue or renewal of the season ticket.
4. The smartphone should be GPS enabled to book the paperless ticket. Internet connection is also mandatory to book the tickets.
5. The journey should commence within one hour of booking the paperless ticket.

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