Cyclist Mark Beaumont breaks around the world record

The 34-year-old completed the 18,000 mile trip in 78 days, 14 hours and 40 minutes. Dozens of excited onlookers gathered near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris to cheer as the father-of-two raced over the finish line. And as he pulled up, Beaumont had a tearful reunion with wife Nicci and daughters Harriet and Willia.

An official from the Guinness World Book of Records was on hand to announce that he had broken two records one for circumnavigating the globe on a bicycle and another for cycling the most miles in a month and presented him with the certificates. This has been, without doubt, the most punishing challenge I have ever put my body and mind through. The physical and mental stamina required for each day was a challenge in itself, but I had an amazing support team around me.

Each stage brought different challenges including different climates, which I had to adjust to quickly. Stage one through Russia and Mongolia was unknown territory, so to complete this phase and come out with a second Guinness World Records title is a real achievement. The experience has been incredible, and I’m excited to share this journey for years to come.Beaumont cycled through Europe, Russia, Mongolia and China, before his record attempt took him across Australia, New Zealand and North America.

He has travelled through 16 countries during his four-stage challenge, with the first stage seeing him travel through Europe to Russia and Mongolia, culminating in Beijing. Beaumont, originally from Perthshire, admitted as he was crossing Europe he was looking forward to being reunited with wife Nicci and daughters. Beaumont still aims to raise £80,000 for Orkidstudio, a humanitarian architectural charity with which he has worked for the last decade.

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