Dam Safety Bill 2018 introduced in Lok Sabha

Minister of State for Parliamentary affairs Arjun Ram Meghwal introduced Dam Safety Bill 2018 in Lok Sabha. The bill provides a uniform procedure for the safety of dams in the country. The bill ensures surveillance, inspection, operation and maintenance of dams; and prevention of dam failure from disaster. According to a bill, dam owner is responsible for dam safety and contain penal provisions for not adhering the certain acts of the bill.

Key Highlights:-

1. The bill provides a legal and institutional safeguard to ensure the safe functioning of dams.
2. The bill provides the institutional framework which includes – National Dam Safety Authority, State committee on Dam safety, State Dam safety organization.
3. The bill addresses all the issues related to dam safety, comprehensive dam safety review, Emergency Action plan, repair and maintenance of funds for a dam.
4. Owner of the dam have to prepare an Emergency action plan within 5 years and for new dams, it has to prepare before filling.
5. There is a provision for comprehensive safety evaluation by the independent panel of expert.
6. Owner of the dam is required to establish the hydro-meteorological network and emergency Flood warning system.

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