DD News channel Won Champions of Empathy Award

DD News (Doordarshan) India’s news channel honored with “Champions of Empathy Award”. This award is given to spread awareness about hepatitis. Dy. D.G. DG Mayank Agrawal received the award from Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla.

DD News’s main responsibility is to make people aware of various diseases and prevention by showing health-related programs, reports, and policies, which help in spreading awareness about health in society.

The name Hepatitis is derived from the Greek word at hepar, which means liver and ‘itis’ means swelling. It is a medical condition in which liver cells have swelling and its complexities vary with the type of infection.

This is mostly due to a group of viruses called the Hepatitis Virus. There are 5 types of hepatitis. A, B, C, D, and E. Each type is caused by a different hepatitis virus.

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