Dena Bank Interview Questions

1.)Where is the Headquarters of Dena Bank located?

Ans- Mumbai, India

2.)When did the Dena Bank came into existence?

Ans- 26 May, 1938

3.) How many branches Dena Bank have?

Ans- 1739 branches

4.)In which year Dena Bank become nationalised Bank?

Ans- In 1969

5.)Who is the CEO of Dena Bank?

Ans- Shri. Ashwani Kumar

6.) Dena Bank name is adopted from which name?

Ans- Devkaran Nanjee Banking Company

7.)What is the Slogan/Tagline of Dena Bank?

Ans- Trusted Family Bank

8.)What are the Services provided by the Dena bank?

Ans- Any-branch banking
Multi City cheque
Dena ATM’s
Dena Cards
online remittance
Internet Banking
Mobile banking
Tele banking
Online utility Bill Payment

Value added Service through ATM

9.)What is the logo of Dena bank?

Ans- Goddess Lakshmi

10.)How many ATMs does Dena bank have at present?

Ans- Around 543

11.)Why do you Want to join Banking Sector?

Ans- Banking is in fact one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Plus the job in a bank ensures that you get the proper respect in society. If you join the bank he gets respected I society earns a decent income and there is always a sense of job security with you. These are the main reasons why I am joining the bank.

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