Ehsan Mani has been Appointed as the Head of ICCs Influential Finance and Commercial Affairs Committee

Pakistan Cricket Board’s chairman Ehsan Mani has been appointed as the head of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) influential Finance & Commercial Affairs committee (F&CA). The decision regarding the appointment was announced during the International Cricket Council’s annual conference. The F&CA is one of the ICC’s most important committees, in relation to all financial and commercial matters.

Other Members:
The other members of Finance & Commercial Affairs committee (F&CA) are,
♦ Indra Nooyi (independent director)
♦ Amitabh Choudhury (BCCI acting secretary)
♦ Chris Nenzani (CSA President)
♦ Imran Khawaja (ICC vice-chairman)
♦ Earl Eddings (CA chairman)
♦ Colin Graves (ECB chairman)

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