Famous climber Ueli Steck dies in a tragic accident near Mount Everest

One of the world’s most renowned climbers, Ueli Steck, died in an accident in Nepal near Mount Everest on 30 April 2017. He was 40.Steck died after falling to the foot of Mount Nuptse, a smaller peak in the area. The accident happened when he was doing an acclimatizing climb for an attempt of the never-repeated Hornbein route on the West Ridge of Everest without supplemental oxygen.He was the first casualty in the spring mountaineering season in Nepal that began in March and will end in May.Hundreds of foreign climbers are on the mountains to attempt to scale Himalayan peaks in May when there are a few windows of favourable weather.In 2015, Steck decided to climb all 82 peaks in the Alps higher than 4,000m (13,100ft) travelling between mountains by foot, bike and paraglider only. He completed the feat in 62 days, helping cement his reputation as the “Swiss Machine”.Everest-Lhotse expedition, involving a quick climb from one peak to the other including an overnight in the “death zone”, Steck said: “When I’m on Everest I can stop at any point. The risk is therefore quite small. For me it’s primarily a physical project. Either I get through, or I don’t have the strength for the whole traversal.”On his return this year, he aimed to perform a quick climb of Everest and Lhotse, including an overnight stop at more than 8,000 metres, an altitude that’s known as the “death zone” because the human body’s performance is reduced to 20 per cent of its normal rate.

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