FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017 Started

The most beautiful game is a simple expression on the field stay united and achieve your goal. Welcome to the fascinating world of football as a bunch of motivated youth seeks recognition in a fiercely competitive pool at the FIFA under-17 World Cup.

Traffic snarls around the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Friday should remind the citizens of the Capital of the magnitude of the spectacle in their city which is not really acknowledged to celebrate sporting events. India makes its debut in a football tournament of truly global appeal only because it happens to be the host.

For a nation that does not even send a football team to the Asian Games, this is an opportunity to build dreams upon. To fructify the hopes that this could be a watershed moment for Indian football, the team will have to produce some scintillating stuff.

The U-17 World Cup is the platform that can propel the Indian ambitions in a sport that has captivated audiences through the massive reach of television. But this group of players is the best prepared Indian football team ever. North-east has become the power house of Indian football, and the team consists of 10 members from that region. Would this Indian team be the best performer ever on a big football stage? Sit back and relish. It would be fun to discover where does India stand in a global football event.

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