Finance Minister launches National CSR Data Portal & Corporate Data Portal

The Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Arun Jaitley launched the National CSR Data Portal & Corporate Data Portal on 19th January 2018 in Delhi. The Finance Minister said that the initiative is a significant step towards driving accountability and transparency for corporate India. The portals’ easy accessibility to the general public will ensure a high level of compliance and will also help in institutionalising and consolidating the CSR activities.

The launch of the portals is expected to bring 100 percent transparency in corporate governance by making public over 4-crore filings of nearly 1.2 million companies. The two portals would promote corporate transparency and accountability to the public at large.

It will contain all filed information that can generate pre-defined reports with respect to expenditure across states, districts and development sectors. The portal will capture information on CSR activities carried out by eligible companies. The open access to data is expected to help researchers, improve quality of data filed by companies, as well as involve intended beneficiaries in giving valuable feedback to companies.

The portal is expected to help in becoming a potent enabler for greater transparency and creation of tools for stronger Corporate Governance. The portal aims at making all the financial and non-financial information of the companies available in a user-friendly format to the general public. It will also have the facility to generate pre-defined reports and also customised reports.

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