Four Lions Rescued from a 100-Feet Deep Well in Gir Forest

Three lions are associated with one lioness(four lions) within the 2-3 year age were saved from one hundred feet deep unused well on the farm in Manavav in the evening of 14th Sept 2019 in the Gir forest at Gujarat.

The farm owner has alerted the officers. the forest department team managed well to rescue the lions and lioness by operating through the night. the well was dry and also the four lions had to be dragged out with the assistance of residents and instrumentality they had carried to rescue.

The Gujarat government had constructed 37,201 parapets on open wells in forests to stop lions from falling into them. According to officers, there are over 50,000 wells that cause danger to wild animals

Gir park may be a forest and life sanctuary close to Talala Gir in Gujarat, it is established in is totally protected as a park and 1,153 km2. The 14th Asiatic Lion Census was conducted in 2015. the population of lions was 523 (27% up compared to the previous census in 2010).

The population of lions was 411 in 2010 and 359 in 2005. The population of lions in the Junagadh District was 268, Gir Somnath District was 44, Amreli District was 174 (highest increase), and Bhavnagar District was thirty-seven. There are 109 males, 201 females and 213 young/cubs.

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