Frankie Zapata Crosses the Channel on Hover Board

French inventor Frankie Zapata successfully crossed the English Channel on a jet-powered hoverboard. He flew 22 miles (36 km) of St.Margaret’s Bay on a kerosene-fueled flyboard from Sangatte in the Pas de Calais region on the northern coast of France.

The hoverboard was operated by a backpack, which has enough oil to keep the Zapata air for about 10 minutes. He had to return halfway during the journey.

He made a record of a top speed of 202 kilometers per hour during the crossing. This success comes after the failure of his first bid on 25 July 2019. Earlier in December, the French army gave the Zapata company, Z-AIR, € 1.3m (£ 1.19m) development grant.

About Hoverboards:
A hoverboard is a mode of transport that is used for personal transportation. It resembles a skateboard that travels above the surface of the ground, ridden in a standing position.

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