Futuristic Russian military watch can survive nuclear blast

Scientists have developed a military watch for the Russian army kit that can resist high impact, and even survive the consequences of a nuclear blast. The watch has been developed by the experts of the Central Scientific – Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering (TsNIITochMash) – part of the Rostec State Corporation in Russia.

It has been included in the new combat system for land forces, airborne forces, coastal troops of the Russian Navy, special operations units. It is designed for continuous time determination. The mechanical watch with automatic movement ensures fast and accurate time determination in severe climatic and operating conditions, during routine and combat operations.

The watch is capable to withstand solar irradiation and electromagnetic pulses, for example after a nuclear blast. If a soldier is exposed to electromagnetic emission of a nuclear bomb the watch will continue to operate without any interruption. Soldiers can easily determine time in any light environment or under blackout conditions. The watch is securely fastened on the wrist and does not hinder any manoeuvres or acts

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