Rail Budget 2019

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu proposed budget highlights:

Sr No. Budget Highlights
1 Rs 8.56 lakh crore investment plan for the period 2015-2019
2 To increase daily passenger carrying capacity from 21 million to 30 million in 5 years
3 Increase track length by 20% to 1,38,000 kms over next 5 years
4 To increase freight carrying capacity from 1 billion to 1.5 billion tones in 5 years
5 Plant proposed to convert waste to energy
6 17,000 toilets in coaches to be replaced by bio-toilets
7 All-India 24/7 helpline number 138 to be launched
8 Toll free number 182 to be launched for women and safety issues
9 “Operation 5 minutes” and hot button for purchase of universal tickets
10 Online booking of retiring rooms and wheelchairs on select stations
11 Rs 120 crore to equip major stations with lifts and escalators
12 Allotment for passenger amenities raised by 67%
13 Open bids for station development
14 84% rise in capital allotment to develop 1200 kms at Rs 8686 crore
15 Evaluation studies undertaken for bullet trains
16 Innovation council called Kayakalp to promote technology development and manufacturing
17 Railway research centres to be set up in select universities
18 Introduction of bar coded/RFID for tracking of parcels and freight wagons
19 Upgradation of equipment for examination of tracks
20 To tap insurance and pension funds and also multi-lateral and bi-lateral funds
21 Development of unmanned audio and visual warning system at unmanned crossings with ISRO
22 Special training in soft skills for frontline staff
23 To set up full-fledged university in 2015-16
24 Setting up environment directorate for focus on environment management
25 1,000 MW solar plant with the help of MNRE

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