Science – Inventions and Discoveries

Discoveries Scientists Year
Adding Machine Pascal early 17th century
Aircraft, Fixed-wing aircraft, Wright Glider Wright brothers 1903
Air Brake George Westinghouse 1869
Air Pump Otto von Guericke 1654
Airship (rigid) G. Ferdinand Von Zeppelin -
Aniline Dyes Hoffman 1856
Antiseptic Surgery Lord Joseph Lister 1865-1867
Electrical Arc Light Charles F. Brush Not Known
Archimedean Screw Archimedes Not Known
Atom Niels Bohr -
Atomic Number Mosley 1913
Atomic Physics Enrico Fermi 1934
Atomic Structure Bohr and Rutherford 1913
Atomic Theory Dalton -
Automatic Gearbox Hermann Fottinger -
Liquid Petroleum Vehicle Daimler 1885
Automobiles using Gasoline Karl Benz 1885-1886
Avogadro’s Hypothesis Avogadro 1811
Bacteriology Robert Koch 1876-1883 – 3 inventions
Bacteriophage Max Delbruck 1945
Durable Plastic Leo H Baekeland 1907
Balloon Professor Michael Faraday 1824
Ball-Point Pen John J. Loud 1888
Barometer Evangelista Torricelli 1643
Behaviorism B. F. Skinner -
Beri – Beri Eijkman -
Bicycle Kirkpatrick Macmillan 1839
Bicycle Tyre J.B. Dunlop 1888
Bifocal Lens Benjamin Franklin 1784
Binomial Nomenclature Carl Linnaeus -
Biogenetic Principle Ernst Haeckel 1866
Bismuth Claude Geoffroy 1753
Blood Circulation Harvey 1661
Blood Groups Karl Landsteiner 1900
Bomb Edward Teller 1945
Quantum Statistics S.N.Bose 1924
Boyle’s law Boyle 1662
Braille Louis Braille -
Breaking up the Nucleus of an atom Rutherford 1911
Camera George Eastman 1888
Carburetor Gottlieb Daimler 1885
Electronic Billing Machines William Seward Burroughs 1888
Cell Doctrine Rudolf Virchow 1855
Celluloid A.Parker -
Cement Joseph Aspdin 1824
Cinema A.L. and J.L. Lumiere -
Centigrade Scale A. Celsius 1701-1744
Chemical Structure August Kekule 1890
Chemotherapy Paul Ehrlich 1908
Cognitive Developmentt Jean Piaget 1936
Chloroform James Young Simpson 1847
Tubercle Bacillus Robert Koch 1882
Chromosome Theory of Inheritance Walter Sutton 1902-1903
Chronometer John Harrison 1735
Cine Camera Friese-Greene 1889
Cinematograph Auguste and Louis Lumière 1890s
Kinetoscope Thomas A. Edison and William Dickson 1891
Blood Circulation William Harvey 1628
Electromagnetic Induction Michael Faraday 1831
Clock (machanical) Hsing and Ling-Tsan -
Clock (pendulum) Christiaan Huygens 1656
Coloured Photography Lippman 1908
Computer Charles Babbage 2002
Continental Drift Alfred Wegener 1915
Cosmic Rays Victor Hess 1912
Crescograph Jagdish Chandra Bose early 20th century
Crystal Dynamics Dave Morse 1992
Cyclotron Ernest Lawrence 1929–1930
D.D.T Dr.Paul Muller 1939
Deciphering the genetic code Dr.Hargobiad Khorana -
Deuterium (Heavy Water) H.C.Urey 1932
Diesel Engine Rudolf Diesel 1890’s
Difference Engine Charles Babbage 1820s and ’30s
Electrons J.J.Thomson 1897
Laws of Planetary Motion Johannes Kepler 1609
North Pole Robert Peary 1909
Solar System Copernicus 1540
South Pole Amundson 1911
Specific Gravity Archimedes -
West Indies Columbus 1492
Drinker’s Chamber of Iron Lung Dr.Philip Drinker 1928
Dynamical theory of Heat Sir Benjamin Thompson 1798
Dynamite Alfred B. Nobel 1867
Dynamo Michael Faraday 1831
Effect of Pressure on trough bodies Meghnad Saha -
Eightfold Way Murray Gell-Mann 1964
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