Words, Synonyms, and Antonyms

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Abroad Overseas, Foreign At Home
Accord Agreement, Settlement, Deal, Contract Disagreement, Discord, Refusal, Denial
Admit Confess, Accept, Permit, Grant Deny, Disagree, Disallow, Refuse
Agree Allow, Grant, Concur, Accord Contradict, Deny, Disagree, Oppose
Alike Identical, Similar, Identical, Uniform Different, Dissimilar, Unlike, Distinct
Allow Grant, Permit, Let, Authorize Deny, Reject, Dissent, Disavow
Amount Quantity, Number, Sum, Portion Lessen, Shrink, Decrease, Subtract
Angry Annoyed, Heated, Offended, Irritated Calm, Cheerful, Cool, Happy
Answer Reply, Response, Feedback, Statement Question, Query
Ask Query, Question, Interrogate Answer, Reply, Claim
Attire Dress, Costume, Outfit, Drape Bare, Disrobe, Unclothe
Away Abroad, Absent, Distant, Elsewhere Near, Present
Awful Depressing, Disgusting, Distressing, Frightful Attractive, Beautiful, Calming, Comforting
Baby Infant, Newborn, Child, Tot Big, Enormous, Giant, Huge
Beautiful Alluring, Appealing, Charming, Dazzling Crude, Dull, Awkward, Horrible
Becoming Flattering, Fetching, Attractive, Lovely Improper, Inappropriate, Indecorous, Ugly
Beg Plead, Pray, Solicit, Urge Give, Grant, Provide
Begin Go ahead, Set Up, Inaugurate, Commence Cease, Finish, Conclude, Close
Belly Abdomen, Gut, Tummy, Pelvis -
Big Huge, Immense, Massive Small, Little, Slight, Short, Tremendous
Bizarre Comical, Extraordinary, Fantastic, Outlandish Common, Familiar, Normal, ordinary
Blank Bare, Barren, Vacant, Empty Full, Filled, Dirty, Aware
Brave Courageous, Plucky, Fearless, Heroic Afraid, Fearful, Cautious, Cowardly
Broad Wide, Large, Big, Inclusive Limited, Little, Miniature, Narrow
Bucket Pail, Scuttle, Can, Tub, Pitcher, Vessel Cauldron, Kettle, Pot, Jar, Jug
Busy Active, Working, Employed, Engaged, Occupied Idle, Inactive, Unoccupied, Unengaged
Calamity Adversity, Misfortune, Collapse, Catastrophe Advantage, Benefit, Good Fortune, Happiness
Center Middle, Core, Focus, Axis Exterior, Outside, Border, Boundary
Change Transformation, Modification, Difference, Diversity Sameness, Similarity, Uniformity, Stagnation
Chiefly Mainly, Primarily, Principally, Predominantly Unimportantly
Choosy Picky, Fussy, Finicky, Selective Open, Undemanding, Unfastidious, Unfussy
Close Near, Adjacent, Immediate, Adjoining Distant, Far, Beyond, Away
Collect Assemble, Compile, Gather, Accumulate Disperse, Divide, Separate, Scatter
Complete Finish, Accomplish, Achieve, Wrap up Abandon, Begin, Continue, Commence
Confine Constrain, Detain, Restrain, Restrict Let Go, Liberate, Release, Ignore
Confuse Amaze, Bemuse, Daze, Involve Assist, Clarify, Clear up, Explicate
Considerate attentive, Thoughtful, Concerned, Solicitous Careless, Hard, Harsh, Inattentive
Contrary Adverse, Conflicting, Contradictory, Opposed Agreeable, Consistent, Conforming, Harmonious
Correct Appropriate, Proper, True, Right Wrong, False, Incorrect, Invalid
Cunning Crafty, Keen, Artful, Clever Blunt, Dull, Ignorant, Slow
Dash Sprint, Dart, Rush, Bolt slowness, Bolt, Haste, Onset =
Daybreak Dawn, Aurora, Dawning, Daylight Sunset, Darkness, Eventide, Sundown
Dedicated Committed, Devoted, Enthusiastic, Zealous Apathetic, Lethargic, Unenthusiastic, Lazy
Deliberate Intentional, Cautious, Conscious, Intended Careless, Heedless, Ignorant, Inattentive
Delicate Fragile, Breakable, Brittle, Weak Crude, Hard, Harsh, Firm
Destiny Fate, Future, Fortune, Doom Concept, Misfortune, Volition, Deliberation,
Disclose Fate, Future, Fortune, Doom Concept, Misfortune, Volition, Deliberation
Discount Reduction, Deduction, Markdown, Concession Addition, Increase, Mark-up, Rise
Disgrace Dishonor, Shame, Contempt, Disrespect Admiration, Esteem, Approval, Honor
Eager Anxious, Impatient, Keen, Avid Satisfied, Disinterested, Unconcerned, Apathetic
Elevate Raise, Hoist, Upraise, Boost Drop, Fall, Demote, Decrease
Enormous Huge, Excessive, Gigantic, Immense Little, Miniature, Insignificant, Common
Enquire Investigate, Examine, Inspect, Inquire Answer, Find, Ignore, Neglect
Exactly Precisely, Absolutely, Truly, Specifically Doubtfully, Incompletely, Indefinite, Partially
Evil Wicked, Bad, Wrong, Black-hearted Attractive, Beautiful, Nice, Lovely
Except Excluding, Excepting, Omitting, Besides -
Exit Leave, Door, Egress, Outlet Closure, Entrance, Arrival, Entering
Extra Additional, More, Added, Supplementary Needed, Necessary, Basic, Essential
Fair Trustworthy, Unbiased, Fair-minded, Open-minded Biased, Impolite, Devious, Partial
False Incorrect, Untrue, Wrong, Faulty True, Accurate, Genuine, Honest
Famous Renowned, Popular, Well-Known, Notable Common, Infamous, Ordinary, Regular
Fantastic Tremendous, Remarkable, Great, Terrific Ordinary, Normal, Common, Bad
Fast Quick, Speedy, Rapid, Swift Clumsy, Slow, Sluggish, Dull
Finish Complete, End, Conclude, Close Beginning, Opening, Start, Birth
Formerly Previously, Already, Earlier, Anciently Currently, Future, Presently, Subsequently
Fortunate Lucky, Favoured, Blessed, Charmed Destitute, Failing, Hopeless, Lacking
Fun Entertaining, Pleasure, Amusement, Enjoyment Boring, Disagreeable, Tiring, Unfunny
Function Action, Task, Use, Role Idleness, Inactivity, Inaction, Inertia
Funny Amusing, Humorous, Comic, Droll Boring, Serious, Tiring, Sensible
Garbage Trash, Debris, Junk, Filth Cleanliness, Possessions, Purity
Garbage Trash, Debris, Junk, Filth Cleanliness, Possessions, Purity
Get Receive, Gain, Acquire, Obtain Lose, Offer, Give, Reject
Glad Happy, Pleased, Delighted, Overjoyed Lose, Offer, Give, Reject
Glitter Shine, Sarkle, Twinkle, Glint Darkness, Dullness, Hiding
Good Acceptable, Excellent, Great, Superb Disagreeable, Ordinary, Poor, Unsatisfactory
Grab Capture, Seize, Grasp, Snatch Free, Give, Let go, Liberate
Grumble Complain, Moan, Groan, Fuss Compliment, Praise
Handsome Good-looking, Attractive, Personable, Striking Dull, Homely, Ugly, Stingy
Happily Joyfully, Gaily, Cheerfully, Graciously Unhappily, Unluckily, Unsuccessfully
Hard Firm, Solid, Unbreakable, Stiff Delicate, Soft, Vulnerable, Weak
Hazard Danger, Risk, Peril, Threat Safety, Certainty, Assurance, Determination
Help Assist, Aid, Abet Blockage, Damage, Delay, Discouragement
Hint Clue, Inkling, Indicator, Sign Lot, Heedlessness, Neglect
Huge Enormous, Vast, Immense, Massive Limited, Little, Minor, Teeny
Hurt Injure, Damage, Wounding, Pain Happy, Healthy, Perfect, Comforted
Hurry Rush, Hasten, Speed, Fast Slowness, Delay, Procrastination, Rest
Ignore Avoid, Neglect, Overlook, Evade Accomplish, Attend, Acknowledge, Look at
Ill Unwell, Sick, Weak, Indisposed Healthy, Sound, Strong, Well
Imitate Emulate, Copy, Act like, Mimic Disregard, Differ, Oppose, Reverse
Immediate Instantly, Instantaneous, Rapid, Quick Away, Eventually, Distant, Far
Impact Affect, Influence, Collision, Crash Avoidance, Failure, Praise, Stillness
Impartial Unbiased, Neutral, Nonpartisan, Nondiscriminatory Biased, Partial, Favoring, Prejudiced
Important Critical, Crucial, Necessary, Prime Inessential, Optional, Insignificant, Unnecessary
Inconsiderate Thoughtless, Unthinking, Insensitive, Selfish Considerate, Generous, Kind, Sensitive
Infamous Disgraceful, Hateful, Notorious, Scandalous Friendly, Gentle, Kind, Pleasant
Infect Contaminate, Pollute, Poison, Taint Aid, Help, Protect, Purify
Informal Contaminate, Pollute, Poison, Taint Aid, Help, Protect, Purify
Inspect Audit, Observe, Oversee, Scrutinize Ignore, Overlook, Neglect, Answer
Instructions Direction, Preparation, Guidance, Lessons Question
Insufficient Deficient, Scanty, Scarce, Lacking Adequate, Enough, Sufficient, Ample
Intellectual Cerebral, Cognitive, Rational, Psychological physical, Physical, Foolish, Ignorant
Intelligent Clever, Bright, Brilliant, Sharp Stupid, Unintelligent, Foolish, Idiotic
Intend Mean, Plan, Hope, Expect Disbelieve, Disregard, Forget, Neglect
Inventory Stock, Merchandise, Goods, Capital Debt
Invoice Bill, Account, Statement, IOU -
Jealous Envious, Covetous, Desirous, Resentful Calm, Satisfied, Undoubting, Unworried
Job Work, Occupation, Profession, Career Avocation, Unemployment, Inability, Idleness
Joy Delight, Cheer, Rejoicing, Happiness Sadness, Unhappiness, Depression, Sorrow
Kid Child, Baby, Infant, Toddler Adult, Parent
Kind Sort, Type, Style, Affectionate Cruel, Hateful, Inhumane, Rude
Lethal Dangerous, Devastating, Harmful, Murderous Harmless, Helpful, Kind, Beneficial
Listen Hear, Attend, Observe, Take notice Deny, Reject, Refuse, Ignore
Little Small, Mini, Tiny, Teeny Big, Large, Giant, Huge
Lots Plenty, Many, Numerous, Oodles little, Less
Mad Foolish, Frantic, Kooky, Psychotic Calm, Sensible, Sane, Wise
Make Compose, Form, Prepare, Manufacture Break, Destroy, Demolish, Disperse
Maintain Continue, Keep, Manage, Preserve Abandon, Destroy, Discontinue, Finish
Maybe Perhaps, Possibly, Conceivably, Perchance Certainly, Definitely, Surely
Meeting Assembly, Accumulation, Association, Collection Division, Separation, Agreement, Peace
Mild Gentle, Tender, Soft, Light Cold, Harsh, Rough, Wild
Misery Agony, Distress, Suffering, Affliction Cheer, Joy, Happiness, Relief
Modern Contemporary, Modernized, Stylish, Latest Old, Past, Ancient, Antiquated
Movie Film, Picture, Motion, Picture -
Necessary Obligatory, Requisite, Required, Compulsory Extra, Inessential, Minor, Optional
Near Close, Nearby,
Alongside, Adjoining
Away, Detached, Distant, Deferred
Negotiate Arrange, Consult, Haggle, Settle Confuse, Contend, Disagree, Disarrange
Nice Pleasant, Pleasurable, Agreeable, Delightful Bad, Ugly, Mean, Unpleasant
Noble Aristocratic, Noble-born, Titled, Patrician Ignoble, Lowly, Undignified, Unrefined
Novice Beginner, Learner, Newcomer, Trainee Expert, Professional, Teacher
Nuisance Annoyance, Irritant, Problem, Difficulty Cheer, Comfort, Happiness, Pleasure
Obedient Attentive, Devoted, Dutiful, Faithful Disloyal, disobedient, Neglectful, Unfaithful
Objection Protest, Protestation, Criticism, Grievance Acceptance, Agreement, Approval, Contentment
Obligatory Compulsory, Mandatory, Requisite, Unavoidable Free, Optional, Unnecessary, Nonessential
Offend Disgust, Irritate, Displease, distress Assuage, Calm, Comfort, Delight
Offer Give, Proffer, Propose, Recommend Denial, Idleness, Refusal, Taking
Omen Indication, Portent, Auspice, Augury -
Omit Exclude, Delete, Discard, Eliminate Attend, Keep, Accept, Allow
Opportune Auspicious, Propitious, Favourable, Advantageous Inappropriate, Unfortunate, Unsuitable, Disadvantageous
Pacify Appease, Conciliate, Placate, Assuage/td>

Aggravate, Intensify, Provoke, Worsen
Pain Suffering, Agony, Affliction, Torture Aid, Contentment, Happiness, Health
Paramount Chief, Outstanding, Preeminent, Foremost Inferior, Least, Secondary, Trivial
Partisan Biased, sectarian, Supporter, Follower Fair, Unbiased, Disinterested
Passive Inactive, Aubmissive, Acquiescent, Apathetic Caring, Agitated, Concerned, Agitated
Pause Stop, Cease, Halt, Discontinue Continuity, Go, Start, Action
Permeate Imbue, Infiltrate, Saturate, Pervade Dehydrate, Dry, Take-out
Perpetuate Preserve, Conserve, Sustain, Maintain Discontinue, Let go, Neglect, Cease
Perplex Astonish, Astound, Complicate, Encumber Assist, Clarify, Enlighten, Untangle
Persecute Oppress, Abuse, Victimize, Ill-treat Aid, Help, Ignore, Soothe
Radiate Discharge, Scatter, Diffuse, Shed Dull, Collect, Gather, Conceal
Radical Complete, Total, Entire, Absolute Inessential, Secondary, Minor, Moderate
Range Span, Scope, Compass, Radius Extreme, Limitation, Part
Rank Order, Place, Position, Arrange Insignificance, Lowliness, Unimportance
Realize Grasp, Apprehend, Perceive, Discern Disbelieve, Misinterpret, Disregard, Forget
Recalcitrant Fractious, Obstinate, Defiant, Opposing Agreeable, Compliant, Obedient, Yielding
Receptacle Container, Holder, Vessel, Repository -
Reconcile Accommodate, Harmonize, Rectify, Accustom Agitate, Irritate, Mismatch, Separate
Regret Apologize, Grieve, Repent, Deprecate Delight, Praise, Endorse, Be content
Reliable Dependable, Sincere, Respectable, Decisive Broken, Fraudulent, Inadequate, Evil
Sanction Approval, Allowance, Consent, Permission Denial, Disagreement, Prohibition, Refusal
Scope Reach, Extension, Outlook, Span Extreme, Limitation, Restraint, Restriction
Section Division, Severance, Splitting, Dissection Combination, Connection, Accord, Unity
Settle Resolve, Fix, Complete, Reconcile Combination, Connection, Accord, Unity
Shallow Superficial, Facile, Glib, Simplistic Empty, Flat, Trivial, Hollow
Shrewd Astute, Crafty, Keen, Prudent Blunt, Ignorant, Idiotic, Foolish
Significant Notable, Compelling, Important, Momentous Insignificant, Trivial, Meaningless, Minor
Slight Small, Modest, Little, Tiny Large, Major, Significant, Big
Spontaneous Casual, Instinctive, Unplanned, Automatic Deliberate, Planned, Intended, Premeditated
Talk Say, Allocution, Speak, Voice Listening, Silence
Temper Temperament, Disposition, Character, Personality Body, Happiness, Upset, Wrath
Think Expect, Assume, Presume, Guess Doubt, Ignore, Overlook, Neglect
Tiny Small, Minute, Small-scale, Miniature, Puny Big, Giant, Huge, Large
Transform Convert, Mold, Remodel, Revamp Hold, Keep, Remain, Preserve
Trustworthy Reliable, Dependable, Believable, Ethical Dishonest, Doubtful, Irresponsible, Misleading
Try Attempt, Endeavour, Shot, Strive Idleness, Laziness, Peace, Abstention
Uncommon Unusual, Egregious, Rare, Extraordinary Common, Customary, Familiar, Regular
Uncooked Raw, Crudite Cooked
Under Beneath, Below, Bottom, Down Above, Over, Up, Higher
Unfortunate Unlucky, Hapless, Luckless, Wretched Auspicious, Fortunate, Lucky, Favorable
Use Utilize, Operate, Practice, Usage Uselessness, Hindrance, Inappropriateness
Usually Normally, Generally, Habitually, Customarily Infrequently, Rarely, Exceptionally, Unusually
Vague Indistinct, Indefinite, Indeterminate, Unclear Apparent, Certain, Determined, Obvious
Vanquish Conquer, Overcome, Repress, Subdue Let go, Lose, Surrender, Yield
Vary Differ, Diverge, Range, Fluctuate Conform, Maintain, Hold, Keep
Vast Extensive, Elephantine, immense, colossal Bounded, Limited, Miniature, Teeny
Want Desire, Appetite, Fancy, Longing Hate, Indifference, Abundance, Plenty
Weak Frail, Feeble, Puny, Fragile, Delicate Strong, Able, Powerful, Firm, Healthy
Withstand Resist, Combat, Repel, Resist Aid, Disallow, Refuse, Reject
Yell Shout, Howl, Scream, Shriek Seriousness

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