Geographical Indication Tag: Coorg Arabica Coffee, four others get GI Tag

The Geographical Indications Registry on 01 March 2019 granted the Geographical Indication (GI) Tag to Coorg Arabica Coffee, Wayanad Robusta Coffee, Chikmagalur Arabica Coffee, Araku Valley Arabica Coffee and Bababudangiris Arabica Coffee.

Araku Valley Arabica Coffee is grown around the Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh and in the Koraput district of Odisha. This coffee has a citrus note of grapefruit and a mild jaggery-like sweetness.

The Coorg Arabica Coffee is grown exclusively in Kodagu district of Karnataka. The Coffee cultivation forms the backbone of the economy of the district. The landscape of the district provides unique aroma and flavor notes to the coffee when roasted.

Chikmagalur Arabica Coffee and Bababudangiris Arabica Coffee are grown in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. The production of only Chikmagalur Arabica Coffee in the year 2016‐17 was around 10426 MT. The Chikmagalur district is generally referred to as the birthplace of coffee in the country.

The Wayanad Robusta Coffee is characteristic of the Western Ghats and the plantation crop is grown in the cool climate of Wayanad, Kerala. The Coffee in Wayanad is grown as a pure crop as well as a mixed crop along with pepper. The Robusta coffee produced is more than 95 percent of the total coffee cultivation done in Wayanad.

About Geographical Indication (GI):-

1. A Geographical Indication (GI) tag is a name or sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation of that origin. It can be a town, a region, or a country.
2. It is used for agricultural, natural and manufactured goods have a special quality and reputation.
3. It boosts exports as well as tourism and more importantly, it indirectly leads to sustainable development.
4. The use of a geographical indication acts as a certification that the product possesses certain qualities, is made according to traditional methods and enjoys a certain reputation due to its geographical origin.
5. The owner of the GI tag has exclusive rights over the product.

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