Google India’s ‘Internet Saathi’ programme to Empower Rural Women

Google India’s ‘Internet Saathi’ program aimed to empower rural women to use the Internet. They added two more states namely Punjab and Odisha. The program reached 2.6 lakh villages in 20 states. A pilot project in 2015 along with Tata Trusts, ‘Internet Saathi’ program.

The main focus is on educating women on how to use the Internet. These women impart training to other women in their community and neighboring villages. In the four-year journey, trained 70,000 “Internet Saathi’s” are using the Internet to drive positive change in their communities already benefited over 2.6 crores, fellow women.

There are also those who are driving awareness for issues like girl child education, menstrual hygiene and more. The women in rural India are provided with adequate opportunities and knowledge. This has been made possible through the Internet Saathi program.

About Google Interview

Google interviewed over 2,500 people across rural India to understand the impact that providing access has on their livelihood. The study showed that about 70 percent of Internet Saathi’s are seen as a source of information in their village people are coming to them consistently for answers to help children with schoolwork.

Eight in 10 Saathis and their beneficiaries believe people in their village respect them more. Three in 10 Saathi’s and two in 10 beneficiaries have set up some form of business. This, in turn, has provided economic growth, with the business often earning between Rs 3,000-Rs 5,000 every month.

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