Government defeats no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha with two-thirds majority

The no-confidence motion moved by Telugu Desam Party (TDP) faced a heavy defeat at the Lok Sabha on July 20, 2018. After a marathon 12-hour debate, the no-confidence, which saw support from many opposition parties including the Congress, was rejected by the majority of the house. The motion was defeated with 325 votes against and 126 in favor with 451 members of the parliament present and voting.

Key Highlights:-
1. While there were no abstentions from the members present in the house, the members of the Shiv Sena gave the vote a miss and the BJD staged a walkout right before the debate began.
2. A total of 451 out of 534 MPs were present and voting in the house, bringing down the required majority mark to 226.
3. The no-confidence motion was moved by TDP, a former NDA ally. The parties that supported the motion include Congress, CPI, CPI (M), TMC and AAP.
4. Though the TRS participated in the debate on the no-confidence motion, its 11 MPs did not vote.
5. This was the first no-trust motion against Narendra Modi- led NDA government after it came to power in May 2014 and less than a year before the next general elections. It is also the first no-trust vote in 15 years.
6. The government obtained a two-thirds majority of the votes. Several AIADMK members supported the government and voted against the motion.

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