Government to convert 1.5 lakh primary health centers into wellness centers

Union Health Minister JP Nadda on September 15, 2018, said that 1.5 lakh Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and sub-centres will be converted into wellness centres by 2022. Speaking at a function in Hyderabad, the Minister said that the centre’s flagship Ayushman Bharat – National Health Protection Mission will be launched on September 23, 2018. The wellness centres will facilitate screening of every individual aged 30 or above for blood pressure, diabetes, tuberculosis, breast cancer and leprosy among others.

Ke Highlights:-

1. The Government has decided to convert all sub-centres and primary health centres into wellness centres. The total number of such centres is 150,000.
2. In 2017, the government had converted 4,000 sub-centres. This year, the government plans to convert 50,000 centres.
3. In the coming years, the government plans to convert 30,000 sub-centres into wellness centres in 2019 and 40,000 centres in 2020.
4. Hence, this way, the government aims to achieve its target of converting 1.5 lakh sub-centres into wellness centres by 2022.

On the occasion, the Health Minister also sought the support of the private sector for offering better health care to the people. Further, while speaking during the launch of Swachhata Hi Seva Campaign, the Minister said that sanitation is a key determinant of health and a clean and hygienic environment will contribute to preventing many diseases.

He said that the central government hospitals are also launching such fortnight activities and senior officers from the Health Ministry will visit the central government hospitals to be part of these efforts. Nadda added that the Kayakalp initiative has been launched to encourage every public health facility in the country to work towards standards of excellence to help the facilities stay clean and hygienic.

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