Gujarat launches intensive project to conserve Gir lions

Gujarat government on November 20, 2018, launched an Rs 351-crore project for the conservation of the Gir lions. The project is launched in the backdrop of the Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) outbreak that claimed 23 Asiatic lions lives in their only dwelling Gir National park in Saurashtra. This intensive project will also include an emergency ambulance van akin to the 108 emergency services.

The Government said that modern technology would also be used in lion conservation. The movements of nocturnal animals like the lions and others will be tracked through closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) and camera-mounted drones. They are also planning to bring in a project on the lines of E-eye, which has been successful in the Corbett National Park.

The Gujarat government put on hold approval to 10 mines in the Gir region in view of the environmental issues related to the eco-sensitive zones 10 km around Gir. Wildlife experts and forest officials have been complaining of long that mining and commercial activities around the lion sanctuary have increasingly become a threat to the tranquil existence of the wild beasts.

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