‘Hamesha Vijayee’ Exercise Held in Rajasthan

The Indian Army’s Southern Command, conducting exercise ‘Hamesha Vijayee’, is out in the deserts of Rajasthan to evaluate the capability of the armed forces to strike deep into the enemy territory in an integrated air-land battle.

The military exercise, which started from December 16 till December 22, is being carried in the general area of Barmer and Jaisalmer, and aimed at fine tuning surveillance and destruction mechanisms to support precision strikes and manoeuvres by network enabled forces.

Units of the formations have been undergoing training for past two months to hone their skills and tactics. After the preparatory training, a large number of troops along with tanks and other armoured vehicles duly supported by overwhelming land and air based firepower have commenced conducting fully integrated operational manoeuvres to validate their operational plans.

The exercise showcasing a high degree of synergy between the Army and Air Force along with new generation aviation assets of the army are getting reviewed by a large number of senior officers of both the services to obtain inputs for further refinement of operational procedures.

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