Happy 100th Birthday to the First Ever ‘One Rupee Note’

The first ever ‘One Rupee Note’ completes 100 years of its inception on 30 November 2017. Issued for the first time as a promissory note in 1917, the journey of the lowest paper denomination note has been fascinating.

Its genesis lies in the World War I where the inability to mint coins forced the then colonial authorities to shift to printing Re 1 notes in 1917. Introduced with the photo of King George V, the note has gone through lot of travails although retaining many of its unique distinctions, including being called a ‘coin’ in legalspeak.

The centenary is expected to be a huge draw at the National Philatelic Exhibition starting in the megapolis on Thursday, 30 November, and Mintageworld, an online museum for stamps, coins and currency notes, is commemorating the occasion by gifting a memento to each visitor.

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