Health Minister Addresses Global Digital Health Partnership Summit in Australia

Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Shri J P Nadda on 19 February 2018, addressed the Global Digital Health Partnership Summit, at Canberra, Australia. The Union Health Minister spoke on the topic: Making Digital Health Services a Priority in Healthcare Reform. During his address, he highlighted the government of India’s initiatives in the field of digitization of health services in India.

Key Highlights:-

1. Patient engagement in improving service delivery through My Hospital system which is used for collection of patient feedback on health services being rendered by public hospitals.
2. The application is available in seven different languages and currently, more than 1067 hospitals are covered in 23 States/UTs. So far more than 1.3 Million feedbacks have been received out of which 76% satisfied with the service.
3. Hospital Information System is being implemented in hospitals for automation of hospital processes to achieve better efficiency and service delivery in public health facilities up to Community Health Centre level.
4. There are four major areas where India has implemented Digital Technology in healthcare. These are towards improving health service delivery, towards improving compliance of people towards health & care, engaging citizens in partnering with government for planning and management of health services delivery and improving governance.
5. India’s National Health Portal provides authentic information related to healthcare to citizens. NHP is functioning as Citizen Portal for Healthcare, providing health-related information to citizens and stakeholders in different Indian languages.
6. Total web users for national health portal till date are over 2.6 Million and over 2.2 Million calls were made by citizens till date. The content of the portal is currently available in 6 Indian languages- and it is planned to add 6 more languages.

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