Health Ministry launches health information platform to monitor public health surveillance

Union Ministry Health and Family Welfare have soft-launched Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) segment of Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP) in seven states. The first one-of-its-kind initiative launched by the Central Government to monitor public health surveillance.

It is real time, village wise, case-based electronic health information system with GIS tagging to provide prompt prevention and control of epidemic-prone diseases. It uses the latest technologies and digital health initiatives. It will provide near-real-time data to policymakers for detecting outbreaks, reducing the morbidity and mortality and lessening disease burden in populations and better health systems.

It will  enable the creation of interoperable health records which can be made available and accessible throughout the country.  For effective implementation of the platform, 32,000 people at the block level, 13,000 at the district level and 900 at the state level have been trained. The success of this platform will depend primarily on the quality of data shared by the states. Adopting this platform will help states to strengthen early outbreak detection and informed public health response.

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