Hindi Diwas 2017: Know why we celebrate this day on 14th September

September 14 is celebrated as Hindi day. Hindi, which is the official (not national) language of India was given this status on September 14, 1949. This resolution was adopted under the Constitution of India in 1950. The need to promote the use of Hindi was seen by the Indian government. Indian PM Jawaharlal Nehru thus decided to celebrate 14 September as the Hindi Diwas. The first Hindi Diwas was celebrated in 1953.

The Constituent Assembly was constituted in 1946. The issue of language was a prime concern the Constituent Assembly faced. English was already used in official matters during the British rule. The Constituent Assembly thus decided that Hindi written in Devanagri script along with English to be the working language of the Indian language.

On Hindi Diwas 2017, PM Narendra Modi is in Gujarat playing host to Japanese PM Shinzo Abe who is on an official state visit to India. The tussle between Hindi and other Indian languages has been on for a long time now. While Hindi is the official language of the country, the constitution has provisions to carry out the official proceedings of a state in its local language and English. Hindi and its dialects are still spoken by a majorly in the cow belt of India.

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